Retirement Planning


Tools: Canva

Time in development: 3 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: Financial Advisor, Undisclosed Company


Context: As a financial advisor, this client discusses the importance of saving and investing for retirement. Though he meets with a varied customer base, he specializes in working with Texas educators.

Challenges: Because they receive a pension, many educators are under the illusion that they will have enough money to comfortably retire. Sometimes customers struggle to visualize the components of retirement income and the necessity of having additional savings and investments.

Solutions: These infographics were developed to be used as the financial advisor discusses investing with potential customers. The visuals and condensed amount of text give the customer something to anchor their understanding to. The first document is used to help customers understand why they should start planning for retirement early. The second document is used to explain to customers how investing in IRA's or mutual funds can help them have a comfortable retirement income. The financial advisor gives both documents to the customer as references. Having a reference document is especially helpful if a potential customer does not set up their investment during the initial meeting. It can be used if the individual needs to discuss their decision with a partner or spouse.

Results: The financial advisor found that the visuals in the infographic helped potential customers connect more quickly to the information, and thus, reduced the of time for each meeting.

  • Before beginning use of the infographics, an estimated 75% of customers said they needed more time to decide before setting up investments with the financial advisor. Once use of the infographics was implemented, the number of customers needing more time to decide was reduced to 40%.

  • The financial advisor noted a 40% increase in the number of clients who set up a second meeting to begin investing with the company because they had used the infographics after they left the meeting as a reference.