Instructor-Led Training

Reciprocal Mentoring for Junior Employees

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Reciprocal Mentoring Facilitator's Guide (2).pdf

I designed this training as an introduction to a six-month reciprocal mentoring program at a business or corporation. This introductory training is for junior employees - individuals with less than three years of experience with their current company.

The goals of the program are to match junior and senior employees who have reciprocal learning or development goals. These employees will form a partnership to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and work toward individual goals.

On a broader scale, the reciprocal mentoring program goals also include improving company culture, increasing employee engagement, advancing communication, and building diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization.

Tools: PowerPoint, Slido, Canva

Time in development: 7 days

My role: learner and needs analysis, research, scripting, graphic design, development

Client: fictional business or corporation