Removing a Dog From a Kennel

Job Aid

Tools: Canva

Time in development: 3 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: Bexar County Rescue Shelter (fictional nonprofit organization)


Context: The organization is looking to onboard new volunteer dog walkers.

Challenges: One issue that has come up repeatedly with volunteers is the need to reinforce good behavior for the dogs each walk to better prepare them for adoption.

Solutions: This infographic was developed to be used in the dog behavior facilitator and volunteer handbook to help volunteer dog walkers learn to reinforce good behavior when approaching a kennel for a walk. To be used for new dog walkers of various ages, but no younger than 16 years of age. All dog walkers are physically fit enough for exercise and to handle all dog breeds.

It is also posted in the kennel area as a quick reminder of the steps volunteer dog walkers should follow.

Results: Many volunteers appreciated the visual reminders, and kennel managers saw an increased number of volunteers following the correct procedure. Consequently, the dogs learned to be more calm as visitors approached their kennels, which resulted in an increased number of adoptions.

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